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Wise Controls

Wise Controls
Brand: Wise Controls
The WiseKeyfob Remote operate in the same way as the wall mountable wireless WiseStyle Switches but in a hand held key ring attachable form.The 1, 2 and 4 button remotes can be programmed to any of the channels on the Wise receivers, with the possibility of adding up to 32 switches. This means there..
Ex Tax:£32.40
The 42 Channel WiseStyle Switch allows you to control any receiver within our Wise Controls Range. The switches 7 buttons allows you to program an on/off function for 7 circuits, while an eight button allows you to move to a new level.This new level is indicated by the position of an LED on the fron..
Ex Tax:£43.22
Brand: Wise Controls
The WiseBox Kit is a wireless switching system. It contains all the components required to achieve wireless lighting controls.The Wisebox unit will control your lights, water features, electric shutters and gates etc. Once programmed, place the indoor wireless switch in a suitable location and the i..
Ex Tax:£141.18
Brand: Wise Controls
The WiseDim Kit is a wireless dimmer system. It contains all the components required to achieve wireless lighting control.The WiseDim Kit contains a receiver that has four independent 700 watt dimmer channels. After being switched off, the receiver will return to its previous dimming levels when swi..
Ex Tax:£280.00
Brand: Wise Controls
The WiseSwitch Receiver is a single circuit switching unit rated at 1000 watts. It cannot be dimmed.The receiver is small enough to be placed in many locations, for example, in the ceiling through a downlighter hole, in the wall either through it, behind a recessed light fitting or in a surfaced mou..
Ex Tax:£62.50
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